Tap into the
$1.38 Trillion Asian Retail Markets.

$0 Upfront Cost. Sell As If You Existed Locally

A Tech-Age Omnichannel Distribution Services Partnership

Singapore • Indonesia • South-East Asia (Beta)

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Our Value Proposition

We're here to localise your brand's operations and marketing with on-the-ground shared teams, as if you existed locally.
Like Fulfilled-by-Amazon, but we go further.

We've built a tech-driven distribution infrastructure that supports omni-channel across online & physical retail stores & partners, corporate order agents, affiliates, influencers, referrals, social media etc.

Distribution – but as-a-service, at a fraction of traditional margins.
You provide the inventory, we provide everything else.

Brands we've worked with

Logistics & Returns

Fully handled as if you existed locally. We help you manage warehousing, deliveries, local customer service, returns & exchanges. Ship from the region's most connected hub.

Active, Ongoing Marketing

We customise marketing campaigns, list you on local marketplaces, participate in events, create local rewards partner networks & more! Fully handled by us.

Payments, Fully Handled

Let your customers pay in local currency & leverage local corporate bank accounts through us.

Customer Service,
Designed to Amaze

Tap into our hospitality-trained, local languages customer service teams to build a tight community from your customers.

Retailer Sourcing / Active Retailer Management

We source retailers for you and actively engage with them for restocks & collaborative marketing campaigns.

Corporate Bulk Orders

We source corporate gift opportunities with local agents for you. We fully handle negotiations, customised logo printing / engraving, logistics and payments.

Reclaim Your Margins, And Invest in Your Customers
True direct-to-consumer brands understand the value of this.

Having the margins to invest in their customers' experience is the reason they gain loyalty & virality.
Full Data Transparency.
Iterate on What Really Matters
We provide you direct customer conversations data from WhatsApp & email CS channels.

We act as your local language extension, to truly understand the market.
Build a Data Profile.
Make Your Business Investable
With us handling operations, we turn your local distribution rights / ad-hoc inventory risks into an investable asset class.

Tap into private capital at highly efficient rates viz appointing a distributor.

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