Our Story

Why & How We Do This

Power to the Brand was not an overnight idea. It was discovered through our experience as retailers ourselves - where we learned the importance of authentic connection with one's passionate customers. We aim to empower this at scale for master brands all around the world.

Our sister company, Interstellar Goods, is an online retailer of carefully curated Kickstarter & Indiegogo launched products. Over the years, we realised that traditional distribution today is broken - so we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here. We’re just trying to fix it.

Our Solution

Distribution Infrastructure
We created digitally-native, direct-to-consumer infrastructure systems for brands to take back control (and margins).

These include (but are not limited to):

1. Logistics – Small or Large Support
We optimised logistics through pooled economies of scale for cost & flexibility – and leveraged the power of technology for real time data transparency and efficiency.

Whether it's simple on-the-ground assistance to disburse a bulk of inventory to multiple retailers or complex full country-level inventory management, we're built to support it.

2. Dedicated Customer Service
Our local teams are permanently assigned only to a small pool of brands so they can deeply understand each brand & their products.

We train them to deal with local-language customer inquiries and collect reviews, user-generated content and feedback from customers. Customer conversations are directly surfaced to you in full context for marketing and product iterations.

3. Credit Risk Insurance For Retailers
Want to offer your retailers consignment or credit terms? We cover their credit risk for you.

We leverage capabilities for local retailer monitoring, internal risk balancing processes and by risk spreading across a large number of retailers to do something that may not be feasible for just a single master brand.