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Local Logistics & Returns (Optional)

You can count on our years of experience and tried, tested & trusted systems. We make sure your products are secure every step of the way from leaving your hands, getting stored in our warehouse to reaching your customers safely.

Step 1: Managed Inbound & Warehousing

Subsidised or Free

Ramp inventory up and down as needed, either at below-market rates or entirely free (depends on margins and monthly sell-throughs).

Cut Cross-Border Shipping-In Costs by 5-10x

Ship cost-efficiently via ocean-freight in pallets/container bulks. Leave unstuffing, sorting-in and repacking for distribution to us.

We Setup & Optimise Your Supply Chain

Leverage years of expertise in optimising bulk volume shipping, and our network of battle-tested freight partners in China, Australia, HK, SG and the US.

Contract Directly with Our Partner Warehouses

Store professionally under your company. Or simply let us handle all the paperwork under our umbrella.

No Minimum Quantities

From 1 box to 10 containers, we can handle it all.

Customs / Regulations Clearance

We handle customs clearance and import licence registrations for you, via our local registered companies.

Step 2: Fully Handled Local/Regional Logistics

We entirely manage local B2B (retailers and corporate orders) & B2C last-mile deliveries, returns & exchanges etc for you.

We ship out your regional orders from Singapore as a nearby hub, and assign your regional customers a delivery concierge via local-language, on-the-ground customer service teams*.

Low Cost Consolidated Regional Shipping

We consolidate and bulk air freight into Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia (soon).

We then have local teams unpacking and re-packing in country for local last-mile.

Save up to 10x versus individual parcel airfreight costs!

Connect Your Shopify Store & Let Us Fulfil Local / Regional Orders

Plug us into your Shopify store and service your local/regional customers through Singapore's 1-point inventory

Logistics, Synced with Local-Language Customer Service

Get a local delivery concierge assigned to your online customers.

He/she has full logistics visibility, and coordinates with customers to actively provide reassurance throughout the cross-border delivery process.
*Currently for Indonesia & Singapore only


Tap into our retail showcase in Singapore.

Let customers touch, feel and try on your products.

Country-Level Managed Returns & Warranty

Ensure a seamless customer experience.

Gain access to a shared, local warranty centre.

Handle warranty and returns issues centrally, regardless of which retailer your product was purchased from.

What completes a good logistics system is a well-trained, professional customer service team to answer any customer inquiries. To find out more:

Customer Service, Designed to Amaze

Good customer service closes more sales - great customer service creates lifetime supporters. We take great emphasis on the customer experience for your brands because they deserve to be amazed.

Delivery Concierge for Individual Customers

Immediately after each sale, a local pre-delivery concierge is assigned to each customer to handle any inquiries or issues. This premium, high-touch service sets your brands leagues apart from competitors.

Uniquely, our delivery concierge system is fully connected with logistics – providing unparalleled local human assurance over each order, despite that it may ship from overseas.

Post-Delivery UGC / Review

Our concierge will personally follow up with customers post-purchase to:

1. Ask how their experience was
2. Ask for a review
3. Ask for user-generated social shares/content

These powerful, human touchpoints leave a deep impression of your brand, and increases review/UGC rates by 10x-15x.

Dedicated Small-Pool Specialists

We call our customer service team "specialists", because they are trained to deeply understand  a select few brands. Hospitality-trained, they are also empowered to exercise initiative to resolve issues, initiate service recovery and build strong brand rapport.

Locals Talking to Locals

To truly connect with locals, you must at least speak their language. In Southeast Asia, multiple languages are used within even a single country.

Let our local customer specialists be your brand extension. Localise your brand, in the full essence of the word.

Use Case & Customer Flow Interviews

‍Through us, you can not only gather feedback from your customers, but also ask them specific questions. Understand how they found you, how they're using your product, and why they prefer it over your competitors

Transparency into Actual Conversation Data

Get direct, transparent access to your customers' raw conversation data. Draw your own insights, develop hyper-relevant local marketing campaigns/product iterations and truly understand your customers.

Gain Local Capabilities to Service Corporate Orders

Did you know that Singapore is the headquarters of many MNCs and a top Asian destination for MICE events? Corporate gifting is a massive industry here.

Print Locally for Product Logo Customisation

Access our network of local printers, fully-handled, to customise your product(s) for corporate gifting.

This is particularly useful for creating samples critical to closing larger corporate deals.

Circulate Physical Samples

When a corporate is looking to buy and customise hundreds of a product, you can bet that they want to physically see it beforehand.

We set up a corporate orders sample circulation programme for you.

Sales Specialists Pitches Your Brand/Product

Nothing beats having a trained sales specialist, when it comes to pushing your product(s) to be selected amongst your competitors.

Our specialists handle:

  • pitching & requirements alignment
  • samples viewing
  • price negotiation
  • designing customisation options (e.g. logo print, separate printed card etc.)
  • vendor onboarding paperwork and financial processes
  • payments collection & monitoring, aligning with corporate's standard payment terms

Tap Corporate Agent Local Networks

Corporates typically stick with an agent they have worked with previously when sourcing for product options for each project. These personal relationships are built over years, and are hard to overcome.

Why go against the flow? Leverage these local agents to push your product(s).

Credit Insurance

Corporate orders involve large quantums of money. Without a local presence, it is difficult for you to extend them credit terms. However, without credit terms, it may be difficult to close a deal, because of timeline urgency and/or internal corporate requirements.

We can take over this credit risk for you, to remove this major point of friction.

Participate in Government-Linked Tenders

Government-linked entities have specialised tender & paperwork processes and local presence requirements when it comes to procurement.

Let us handle this completely for you – opening up a whole new large potential market.

Local Sales Channels

Aside from connecting your online store to local warehousing, you may require presence in physical retailers and local Amazon-like marketplace platforms.

Building A Local Retailer Network


  • source
  • cold pitch
  • arrange/take meetings
  • showcase samples
  • negotiate margins (with local expertise and benchmarks)
  • settle paperwork & arrange delivery
  • monitor and collect local currency payments

Actively Manage Retailers For Your Brand


  • monitor MRSP adherence
  • fairly & transparently rotate discounting rights amongst retailers, in exchange for marketing deliverables
  • monitor visual merchandising & suggest improvements
  • monitor stocking levels, and actively follow up for restocking

Centralised Stocks Infrastructure

We built infrastructure for online retailers to simply list products, and have orders invisibly fulfilled by our central warehouse direct to customers – fully automated.

This creates a powerful retailer coverage multiplier effect even with a limited pool of stocks per SKU, and removes retailer onboarding inventory risk friction.

Retailer Credit Risk Insurance

We can insure against default by retailers.

Remove onboarding friction, especially with new retailers/new products.

Amazon-Like Marketplaces

We translate, list you on and fully manage marketing/operations & fulfilment on local Amazon-like marketplaces like Shopee/Lazada/Tokopedia.

Expand into local-language sales channels, end-to-end handled.

Fully Handled Logistics

For all of the above, logistics is completely taken care of by our teams.

Marketing Strategies

Consumers today expect an omnichannel experience where the brands stands by them when issues arise at any stage of their customer journey. Powerful, zero-dollar viral marketing awaits brands who perfect this model. Our systems allow us to perfectly customise a marketing strategy to your needs.

Video Production & Translation

We have an in-house video production team specialising in successful digital marketing content creation.

Outside market rate for videos ranges from US $1000 to US$20,000. We create professional quality videos (and translate them) free-of-charge.

Livesell & Retailer Activation

Did you know liveselling in Asia is a $100 billion market? Run liveselling events through our networks to generate awareness.

We also actively work with your retailers to plan marketing campaigns to tap into high-trust retailer communities, and increase sales.

Amplify UGC & Referrals with
Local Rewards Partner Network

Utilise our network of local reward partners as customer activation incentives for referrals, user generated content, review and feedback rewards to engage with your customers.

Dedicated Account Manager

Deal with a dedicated, competent & well-trained agent from our team in English for everything that your brand needs.

Live & Digital Events

We participate in exciting festive-period and ad-hoc events on your behalf. From talent sourcing (for levelling, review videos etc), hiring, influencer marketing to set-up - it’s all done!

Text Based Marketing

Utilise local texting (while adhering to local laws) for:

  • customer re-engagement (especially during important dates – e.g. birthdays)
  • reminders for marketing initiatives like live-selling, flash sales
  • pre-order / restocking status updates
  • delivery updates
  • rewards points / tier / expiry updates
  • pre-sale inquiry update

Co-Marketing Collaborations

We work together with other businesses locally to raise awareness of you to their customer base, such as shout-for-shout campaigns, giveaways, co-branded content etc.

Payments, Fully Loaded

Truly localise through fully accepting and paying out in local currencies. Gain an edge other traditional
e-commerce brands lack.

Go Beyond Credit Cards

Did you know credit card penetration in Southeast Asia is as low as 3% - 15%?

At the same time, many digital payment wallet options – with their own rewards enticements – have arisen in the last 5 years.

Connect to these through us.

Access Buy-Now-Pay-Later Options

Buy-now-pay-later options are exploding onto the online commerce scene, especially in the developing Southeast Asian countries.

Leverage on local consumer credit infrastructure to increase sales, through us.

Reduce B2B Payment Friction

Niche, independent retailers and corporates may face blockers in making payments in foreign currencies.

Why make it hard to close sales?